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Andrew Christian Show It Collection

The Andrew Christian Show-It underwear collection features a pouch that gives you front enhancement using push-up technology. Show-It pouch technology can add up to 1.5” (or 3.8 cm) onto your front measurements.

The Show-It technology uses a Comfy Cup™ placed in the front of the underwear. This cup lifts and supports the package. It is a horseshoe-shaped inner cup that Andrew Christian lines with soft elastic. Therefore, it is comfortable. The support structure moves the package away from the body. Pushing it upwards and outwards. Not only does the Show-It technology enhance the front, but it also reduces sticking and sweating. So that’s lifting and support, enhancement, reduced sticking and sweating. All in one style. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular Andrew Christian collections. It’s one of the best forms of enhancement in men’s underwear. Andrew Christian was the first to implement this push-up underwear technology in his underwear. And Show-It is still the best, despite many attempts to copy.

Andrew Christian also includes his Show-it technology in other underwear collections, such as RetroPop and CoolFlex. Therefore, combining it with different designs and materials. VOCLA holds the UK’s largest collection of Andrew Christian Show-It underwear.

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