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Shop our range of trendy men’s chest, body and shoulder harnesses. These harnesses cover a wide range of occasions but they focus on two types: party harnesses and fetish harnesses. These men’s harnesses are perfect for parties and play.

VOCLA has selected these harnesses for their bold colours, quality materials, funky prints and their party features. For example, neon colours that glow under UV lights, LED flashing lights or glitter that reflects like a disco ball. These will wow everyone at a festival.

But we also have a range of naughtier leather harnesses with buckles and fittings, for those looking for a more masculine vibe.

Our harnesses include a range of types:

– Men’s chest harnesses – the straps expand across the chest and over the shoulders. The harness straps can be either an X or H shape to the front or back;

– Men’s Body harnesses – similar to a chest harness but with additional straps running down the torso;

– Men’s Shoulder harnesses – smaller straps that run under the arms and over the shoulders.

But we do also offer leg harnesses.

Wear these harnesses on their own as a top, over a t-shirt/tank as an accessory, or under a see-through mesh shirt or tank.

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