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Party Harnesses

VOCLA has a great range of men’s party shoulder and chest harnesses suitable for a dance event, clubbing, nightclub or gay club.

There are two main types of men’s party harnesses, either shoulder or chest. A chest harness runs horizontally across the chest. Alternatively, a shoulder harness runs under your arm and around the shoulder.

These men’s party harnesses are available in several materials suitable for clubbing. These harnesses have neon colours that glow under nightclub UV lights, flashing LED lights, or reflective particles that look like a disco ball. Therefore, they will complement other neon menswear.

Some of these clubbing harnesses have studs and buckles for an adjustable fit.

Wear these party harnesses on their own or over a party top, t-shirt or tank. Most of the guys in a gay club will be wearing chest harnesses with some tiny mini shorts. Alternatively, a harness underneath a see-through mesh tank top gives a cool clubbing vibe. The neon colours will glow through the mesh.

If you are looking for something more erotic, we also have a range of men’s fetish harnesses.

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