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Modus Vivendi Underwear

BREEDWELL day crawler

3D Silicone Rubber Chevron Details + Neons


LED Light Up Flashing Clubwear


Futuristic Cyber Prints + Glowing Neon Details


Breedwell offers the ultimate clubbing gear that will get you noticed on the dancefloor. Breedwell clubwear is both party and fetish-inspired. This gear has glowing, UV, reflective, neon & mirrored features. As the lights in the club turn down, and the fluorescent UV lighting starts the party, this clubbing gear will glow brightly. Who needs a disco ball when you are wearing this fabulous gear?

Breedwell Clubwear includes a range of hot gear styles such as jockstraps and backless briefs, as well as party shorts. There are also matching chest and body harnesses to create a full clubbing outfit. Furthermore, a range of matching accessories, such as armbands and socks, to really propel your Breedwell party outfit. Perfect for a rave, circuit party, gay club or pride event. Just turn the UV lights on at the party.

VOCLA currently stocks the following Breedwell collections:

Breedwell Rave – the ultimate unique clubwear that takes mildly kinky styles and adds flashing LED lights

Hybred – smooth & comfortable cotton, in bold glowing neon colours, with accentuating stripes

Hex – bold colours with PVC rubber hexagonal details that glow brightly under UV lights

Cyber Nights – futuristic cyber prints with glowing details

Daycrawler – shiny Chevron PVC details & neon colours

Akira – futuristic designs with reflective details

VOCLA offers a range of Breedwell styles across multiple collections, allowing you to create a full clubbing outfit. Shop the look with our bundle deals to get a discount.

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