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Singlets & Bodysuits

Shop our range of trendy men’s singlets and bodysuits from our selected niche designer brands. These designer singlets and bodysuits cover a range of male styles. This includes men’s one-pieces and leotards. They are also suitable for a wide variety of uses. From men’s wrestling singlets for sports to glittering bodysuits that will light up the dancefloor on a night out. There are even some naughty singlets with backless designs.

Our selection of singlets and bodysuits comes in a range of materials. These are super-stretchy Lycra, comfort ribbed cotton, smooth leather, shiny rubber, breathable micro-mesh, and see-through mesh. It just depends on the occasion.

The singlet style generally refers to a one-piece outfit. A one-piece jumpsuit, sometimes referred to as a ‘union suit’, has full-length legs. But a singlet or bodysuit usually has short legs. And also no sleeves. And it’s usually tight fitting due to the high Lycra content. A singlet will mould around your body. Which is why some men refer to a singlet as a leotard. We prefer to refer to it as a men’s wrestling singlet.

Feast your eyes on these trendy and unique singlet styles from our brands. These bodysuits are all sourced directly from our designer brands.

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