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Enhancing Swimwear

VOCLA has a wide range of men’s enhancing swimwear including padded styles, front and rear enhancement that lifts, supports, reshapes, and contours your butt or pouch. These enhancing swimwear styles will boost your assets as well as your confidence on the beach or at the pool.

There are two forms of enhancement in the men’s swimwear that we offer at VOCLA:

Men’s Padded Swimwear – these enhancement swimwear styles have padding within the pouch. This gives you a fuller and rounder pouch appearance. Therefore, when you leave the water, there’s no more embarrassing downward droop! The padding is usually removable. Men’s padded swimwear therefore offers pouch enhancement through front re-shaping.

Men’s Lifting Swimwear – these styles focus on lifting and supporting your buttocks or pouch. They use elasticated enhancing straps in the pouch or the rear seams to lift and support. Men’s butt-enhancing swimwear has straps akin to jock straps sewn into the rear. These lift your buttocks.

There are also other forms of men’s enhancing swimwear. Contoured seams can be used at the rear, with a vertical seam down the centre. This provides butt enhancement without the need for padding or straps. Similarly, you can get men’s swimwear with a contoured front pouch which provides minor enhancing characteristics. It has a vertical seam down the centre, which helps provide a little enhancement through extra lift and definition.

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