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Long Johns & Leggings

VOCLA has a great range of men’s long underwear, from our niche designer brands: long johns, leggings, and long boxer briefs whose leg lengths range from mid-thigh length to full ankle length.

Men’s long underwear is the ideal thermal underwear option for colder climates or seasons, providing long coverage. The long johns and leggings are usually tight-fitting around the skin to keep you super cosy. This long underwear can be worn as loungewear around the house, in bed instead of pyjamas or as a long base underwear layer underneath clothes such as jeans.

Leggings, meggings and long johns are all ankle-length long men’s underwear styles, providing the best thermal properties. Long boxer briefs provide a length around the knee but lower thermal properties.

The legging style has a full long leg and is usually fitted and stretchy so that it moulds closely to your body. Therefore, helping to keep you warm and snug. But our men’s leggings are also bang on trend. We’ve got some really cool prints and patterns. So you can even be in style whilst lounging around at home. Some of our men’s leggings are also suitable for wearing as a super-cool clubwear outfit if you are daring enough.

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