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Fetish Harnesses

Shop our men’s fetish harnesses: chest and body harnesses from our designer niche brands. These trendy fetish harnesses are suitable for a partywear or full fetish outfit.

There are two main types of men’s fetish harnesses, that we sell: chest and body. A body harness has straps that run down the body. But both styles can have different strap designs across the front and back. It’s either an H or X strap design. In addition, we have men’s leg harnesses and shoulder harnesses.

These men’s fetish harnesses are available in real leather, leatherette, rubber-look, rubber neoprene, and fabric straps, so you have a great choice. You should ensure the straps are properly sewn for a real leather harness. Therefore, it is soft against your skin. A cheaper imitation leather harness will scratch.

Some of the harnesses have studs and buckles which not only help create the fetish vibe but allow for an adjustable fit.

The body harnesses are good for a fetish outfit. They usually hook around your…well…lower region, with a ring.

We’ve selected these fetish harnesses from our fetish gear brands: Dale Mas, CellBlock13, TOF Paris and Locker Gear. We source these men’s harnesses directly from fetish brands to guarantee authenticity for you.

If you are looking for something less erotic, we have a range of party harnesses that glow in the dark, perfect for a night out.

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