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Sports & Athletic Underwear

Men’s sports and athletic underwear is made with performance materials that ventilate you. Therefore, the underwear styles are breathable, allowing moisture to wick away. They help to reduce sticking and sweating, keeping you cool and dry for longer. But they can also have a larger spandex content, to allow for easier movement during sports, so they move with you as you work out. These men’s athletic underwear styles are perfect for sports, in the gym, and for the active guy!

VOCLA holds men’s underwear made with the following breathable fabrics:

  • Modal. Modal fabric is 50% more absorbent than cotton. Therefore, it’s great to use in athletic underwear.
  • Micro-Mesh. This is an athletic perforated fabric. The tiny holes allow the material to ventilate you. Therefore, it’s breathable and the best option to keep men cool.
  • Bamboo. The fabric is made with a bamboo rayon, which has moisture-wicking properties. But it is also silky smooth to the touch. Therefore, more luxurious.

In addition, VOCLA also holds a range of men’s sports underwear styles with athletic designs such as sports side stripes.

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