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Arm, Bicep & Wristbands

Shop our range of trendy men’s armbands, bicep bands and wristbands by niche designer brands. These bands are designed to pair up with the designer collections that we offer. So you can perfectly accessorize your party outfit. They are available in a range of colours and prints. But stripes are a popular choice, with the coloured stripes matching to your outfit. Neon colours will glow bright under UV lights and elevate your partywear style.

But VOCLA also offers a range of men’s wrist wallets so you can keep your valuables safe on a night out. The wallet is usually zip-closed, on the inside of the wristband.

The wristbands, armbands and bicep bands have stud fastenings which allow you to adjust the sizing.

These men’s armbands, bicep bands and wristbands are sourced directly from our designer brands to guarantee authenticity for you but to also ensure the perfect colour match between the band and your outfit.

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