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Bum Enhancing Underwear

These men’s bum enhancing underwear styles help to contour, reshape and lift your butt. Men can enhance the profile of their buttocks by lifting them with straps, reshaping them with padding, or contouring them with seams. Therefore, it helps you to create a rounder ‘bubble butt’ appearance.

These underwear styles achieve bum enhancing in three ways:

Butt lifting straps where lifting straps are sewn into the inside rear seams of the underwear. These are similar to jock straps because they are usually elasticated. They provide support and lift the buttocks upwards. Andrew Christian FlashLIFT is a good example of this type of men’s butt-lifting underwear, which not only lifts the bum but also the pouch. But also, Rounderbum Lift

Bum shaping pads where soft padding is inserted into the rear seams of the underwear. This reshapes the bum, therefore making it appear rounder and fuller. Rounderbum Padded tech is a good example.

– Contouring where the underwear has a central rear seam, which contours the buttocks, to give a peachy appearance. CODE 22 and Modus Vivendi both offer these men’s bum-shaping underwear options.

There are other ways to enhance and shape the appearance of the butt, such as with stripes. But the above are the three main ways that our niche designer brands use to help men achieve the perfect bubble butt!

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