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SUKREW offers great value everyday cotton and polyamide men’s underwear, taking the underwear market by storm with their briefs, jocks & thongs in a range of classic to bold colours.

This British brand has become hugely popular recently, providing solid quality underwear for everyday wear. The design process is in London and includes classic British tailoring. Manufacturing has been switched to India to improve quality. Consequently, these are some of the best quality men’s undies we’ve seen!

One of the main benefits of SUKREW underwear is comfort. The designer, Kingsley Hamilton, has created two pouch styles. He has designed a larger-than-average one which is also longer to allow you to ‘hang free’. This gives you more space, a more natural feel, and fit, reducing sticking, squashing, sweating, and chafing. But it also provides an enhanced look to the pouch. Overall, that gives greater comfort. But SUKREW also offers an ‘Apex’ underwear style with a standard rounded pouch.

The SUKREW thongs are really popular, particularly the Bubble thong. That’s because the curved rear waistband helps to frame your buttocks and create a ‘bubble butt’ look. Peachy! SUKREW even offer a swimwear thong. Growl!

The underwear is made with either stretch polyamide or cotton, so you get either a smooth or soft touch. But either way, the materials will mould perfectly to your body.

SUKREW is fun but of great quality, at an affordable price and offers you different pouch options for the perfect comfort. What more could you ask for? Swimwear, we hear you say – well SUKREW also has swimwear too!

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