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Large Pouch Underwear

Men’s large pouch underwear is designed to give you extra space! The underwear is designed with a bigger pouch, either more volume or an elongated design. The elongated design is sometimes referred to as a moulded pouch. It allows you to hang free. Therefore, it’s a more natural wearing experience. In turn, this gives you extra comfort. But it also reduces sticking, sweating and squashing. If you are looking for men’s underwear with a big pouch, then these styles are a good option.

Men’s underwear with a larger pouch is not intentionally designed to give you enhancement. However, the natural ‘hang free’ look tends to show everything off. It’s an indirect effect.

Some brands have specific collections with larger pouches, for example:

Furthermore, the SUKREW brand has a great range of moulded large pouch underwear.

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