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Padded Underwear

Shop our men’s padded underwear made by designer niche brands, with unique designs, padding, and performance materials.

Men’s padded underwear enhances your front pouch measurements by creating a rounder and fuller appearance. Soft, usually foam, pads are inserted into the underwear pouch. Sometimes, the padding can be harder, but this is more for protection in team sports. The level of padding varies with larger and fuller padding providing more enhancement. The padding is nicely rounded and creates a fuller appearance to the front. They provide the fullest appearance, compared to the other forms of men’s enhancement underwear.

Padded underwear does not provide any lift, support or extra space. The amount of space is reduced because of the padding. Sometimes the padding can cause less stretch in the pouch. Well-endowed men may therefore find they are a little constrained!

Some underwear has removable padding, so you can choose whether to use it. The pads are available in several sizes, from subtle sizing to XXL for a mega boost!

CODE22 Power Shape is a good example of padded underwear. The underwear contains removable pouch pads that reshape your front. Furthermore, a central rear seam contours the buttocks.

But you can also get padded underwear with pads at the rear – take a look at our men’s bum-enhancing underwear.

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