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Mini & Micro Underwear

VOCLA has a superb range of men’s micro underwear. These skimpy underwear styles are often referred to as micro, mini, tanga, or bikini briefs. However, mini Hipster trunks are also available. Each men’s mini underwear style has slightly different features, but the general trend is a super low-rise waistband, high-cut legs, and less material. Therefore, these men’s mini underwear options can provide additional comfort, easier leg movement, less chafing and a sexier look.

Men’s mini and micro briefs have low-cut waists. They tend to have no waistband at all, sitting well below the hip. Therefore, these men’s micro briefs have a super low rise. They also have high-cut legs. Therefore, giving you easier movement. A mini brief is a great style for men with larger legs, thighs or quads.

Men’s mini & micro trunks are often referred to as a ‘Hipster’. These are longer compared to a brief but still short, with a square-cut shape. They also have super-low-rise waists.

Don’t forget to take a look at our Tanga underwear. These have a front pouch and full back cover, but no side material. Therefore, you get maximum movement. Unlike men’s micro underwear styles, they usually have a waistband.

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