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Breathable & Ventilating Underwear

This VOCLA edit combines all our men’s breathable, ventilating and moisture-wicking underwear styles. This selection of male underwear wicks away moisture which ultimately helps to reduce sticking and sweating. As well as keeping you cool and dry for longer. Breathable underwear is the perfect option for men who get a little sweaty below or have active lifestyles. They are also great for men to wear at the gym or during athletic activity.

VOCLA holds ventilating underwear styles made with the following breathable fabrics:

Modal. Modal fabric is 50% more absorbent than cotton. Therefore, modal is a good fabric for moisture-wicking underwear. It’s also super smooth and soft to the touch and it’s a plant-based fabric, so a little better for the environment.
Micro Mesh. This is a perforated. The tiny holes allow the material to ventilate you. Therefore, it’s breathable and the best option to keep you cool. This ventilating fabric is used in underwear alongside an athletic design to provide more sports-orientated underwear styles.
Bamboo. The material is made with a rayon derived from bamboo pulp, which has moisture-wicking properties. But it is also silky smooth to the touch. Therefore, breathable underwear material with a luxurious feel.

As well as performance materials, men’s breathable underwear can feature windows or ‘holes’, and backless styles.

Ventilating underwear is a great option for active men or for wearing during sporting activity, just when you need moisture-wicking properties. These breathable fabrics will help keep you cool and dry for longer, whilst wicking away sweat.

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