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Shop our range of trendy men’s underwear briefs from our selected niche designer and fashion brands. These designer underwear briefs cover a variety of different brief silhouettes. Standard A-line, Y-front and H-line briefs, bikinis, and Tangas. These briefs are also suitable for a variety of uses. From breathable men’s briefs suitable for sports, and everyday fashion comfort briefs, to naughty briefs for the bedroom.

Compared to a boxer, men’s briefs have a shorter out seam. Therefore, a shorter leg. This reduces the chance of chafing. They are a fitted style, moulding close to your body. The different brief silhouettes refer to the cut of the waist and leg. For example, bikini underwear has very high-cut legs and a super-low-cut waist. Tanga underwear has no side material. A-line, Y-front and H-line briefs refer to the trims that form those letter shapes.

Our men’s branded underwear briefs come with a range of features: breathability, enhancement, reshaping, support, comfort, bottomless and full cover, fly fronts, pockets and more. Use our product filter to help you find the perfect option. These briefs are also available in a range of trendy underwear prints, patterns, colours and materials.

You can shop our range of men’s designer and fashion underwear briefs here. But if you are still unsure whether a brief is suitable, take a look at our Guide to Men’s Underwear to compare the different styles.

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