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Swimming Trunks

VOCLA holds a superb range of trendy men’s swimming trunks from niche designer brands. Whether it’s classics or seasonal fashion swimming trunks. These men’s designer swimwear trunks are sure to get you noticed around the pool or on the beach. VOCLA has sourced the best men’s swimming trunks to provide you with a selection of timeless classics to trendy seasonal designer pieces.

Swimming trunks have longer legs compared to swimming briefs. The leg length can vary but most trunks have a square-cut shape. A looser fit would likely be a men’s swim short. Swimming trunks are usually made with a polyamide or nylon material which is quick-drying, holds its shape well over time in water, and sculpts well to the body.

VOCLA holds a range of basic swimming trunks, which are a simple design. They will easily match other trendy men’s swimwear. Although simple, they are timeless classics, great quality, and well-tailored. Alternatively, we have the latest seasonal swimwear prints: stripes, camouflage, animal, and floral patterns. And every colour from monochrome black or white, to bold neon colours. Therefore, you can go classy and elegant or bold and funky with your men’s swimwear.

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This season, our men's fashion swimwear is available in a range of trends. You can view our round-up of this season's men's swimwear trends on our blog.

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