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Bottomless & Backless Underwear

VOCLA has a great range of men’s bottomless underwear, both backless, assless and open-back briefs and boxers. But we also have a huge range of men’s jockstraps, which are anyhow backless. These men’s bottomless underwear products focus on the brief and boxer design.

These bottomless underwear styles provide full front and some side coverage. Therefore, they are similar to standard underwear, but with an open-back or bottomless rear, similar to a jockstrap. So, they are a combination of a jock and a brief or boxer. Hence, why these backless styles are sometimes referred to as a jock brief or jock boxer. The hybrid styles look hot and cheeky, whilst framing the buttocks. But the extra ventilation and air circulation at the rear help to keep you cool and dry. Therefore, these men’s backless, assless underwear designs are a great option for sports or for those with an active lifestyle. Or maybe just something to treat your partner!

VOCLA has a mixture of men’s open-back fashion and sports underwear. But for something even kinkier, see our range of men’s fetish underwear.

For sports, it’s best to focus on men’s bottomless underwear made with breathable material, such as micro-mesh. The fabric has tiny holes that ventilate you, helping to keep you cool and dry for longer, alongside the backless styling.

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