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Trendy Mini Shorts


Racerback, Muscle & Zipped Sleeveless Tops


Florals, Stripes, Geometric & Abstract Patterns


VOCLA has a superb range of trendy men’s beachwear and a variety of stylish beach clothing from our niche designer menswear brands: beach shorts, vests, and clothes suitable for your day at the beach. These men’s beachwear styles are on-trend for the season, with bold seasonal prints or timeless classics, and packed with features. These beachwear styles are usually made with materials that are more waterproof or cooling. Therefore, this beach clothing will keep you cool and dry for longer. Alternatively, this beachwear may be suitable for a beach party. Some beach shorts, beach tops, and other clothing have neon details that will glow brightly under the party’s UV lighting. That’s one way to stand out from the crowd!

Some of this beachwear forms part of a larger swimwear or men’s designer clothing collection. Therefore, you can pair these men’s styles to create a full beach clothing outfit. Take a look at VOCLA’s men’s swimwear range for some matching swimmers. See our range of Summer menswear trends for the latest trends and inspiration in men’s beach clothes. This year’s beachwear trends lean towards bold colours, neon menswear, prints and pattern clothing.

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