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Aussiebum WonderJock

Enhancing Underwear

Aussiebum The Cup

Backless & Pouch Enhancing

Aussiebum Cotton Soft

Soft & Breathable Underwear

Aussiebum Swimwear

Classic & Sporty Swimwear

Aussiebum Enlarge

Push Up Lifting Underwear

Aussiebum Rugby Blitz

Sporty & Shiny Short Shorts


aussieBum is Australia’s famous underwear and swimwear brand and we are proud to bring it to the UK.

aussieBum swimwear is born from days on Bondi Beach, where the founder, Sean Ashby, couldn’t get the swimwear he wanted. Because the trend had shifted from classic nylon swimwear to lycra. He invested every last cent of his savings into designing and producing the quality nylon swimwear that he wanted. He sold his first products to mates and fellow beach bums (hence the brand ‘aussie bum’). But retailers were not interested, claiming it was the opposite of what customers wanted. Therefore, Sean focussed on creating an e-commerce store, taking photos of his mates wearing the swimwear, to promote the brand. And the spark was ignited.

Kylie Minogue’s stylist used the whole collection in her ‘Slow’ video. And aussieBum took off!

Today, aussieBum is a well-known global brand. Those retailers who rejected it must be feeling a little foolish. At VOCLA, we love them. We have spent years trying to get the brand. The styles are brave, comfortable, great value, and just what our customers love.

The brand originates with swimwear, but the aussieBum underwear collections and underwear technologies are an equal triumph. Some of our favourite technologies are:

aussieBum Enlarge – push-up technology, a form of lifting and supporting pouch enhancement.

aussieBum WonderJock – a patented 4D framing pocket inside the underwear pouch which lifts and supports.

But we also love the aussieBum CottonSoft collection with its super soft, breathable, and quality cotton.

VOCLA is the official UK stockist, sourcing directly to ensure authenticity for you. We have the largest selection of aussieBum underwear and swimwear in the UK.  Plus, we offer a UK price guarantee and free UK delivery.

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