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Tapered menswear blends the lines between traditional tailoring and contemporary style. Men’s tapered fashion narrows or ‘tapers’ in certain areas. For example, the legs of trousers, the waist and arms of shirts, and the body of jackets. This creates a silhouette that is both flattering and sophisticated. Tapered clothing emphasizes the natural shape of the body. It highlights muscular build and provides a more fitted appearance without the need for bespoke tailoring.

The rise of tapered menswear can be attributed to a growing demand for smart-casual attire that transitions seamlessly from the office to evening social settings. Men increasingly look for versatile pieces that offer comfort without sacrificing style, leading designers to innovate with fabric and cut to meet these needs. Tapered fits cater to those who find traditional cuts too boxy or modern slim fits too restrictive. Tapered offers a happy medium that suits a variety of body types.

Incorporating tapered menswear into one’s wardrobe is straightforward and rewarding. Starting with essentials like a tapered pair of chinos or a slim-fit button-down shirt can refresh an entire look.

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