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Short Sleeve

Discover VOCLA’s range of men’s short-sleeve menswear clothes: tops, shirts and t-shirts from our niche designer brands. Short-sleeved tops and men’s t-shirts are suitable for sports, going out, casual and holiday wear.

All our short-sleeve tops have been selected for their vibrant prints, bold colours, and individual and unique styling features. These short-sleeved clothes will let you express yourself.

These men’s short-sleeved menswear clothes are available in several fits and with multiple styling options: loose, oversized, fitted, large armhole, round neck, collared neck, polo t-shirts, hoodies, and cropped menswear.

VOCLA also has short-sleeve shirts for more formal occasions or a night out. But we also have menswear with long sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, and one sleeve.

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