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Finding the right fit in menswear, especially for size XS (extra small), can sometimes feel like a quest in uncharted territories. The extra small size caters to men with smaller body frames. They often find themselves swimming in standard off-the-rack sizes offered by most brands. However, the fashion industry has been making strides towards inclusivity and diversity, with a broader range of sizes to accommodate all body types.

Specific measurements rather than just the size label are important when shopping for extra small menswear. Designers can vary significantly in their sizing. An XS in one brand may fit differently than an XS in another. Look for brands that offer detailed sizing charts that include chest, waist, and sleeve measurements. Additionally, some specialize in clothing for smaller frames, offering styles that are not just smaller in size but also proportionally designed to fit a smaller stature perfectly.

Moreover, the rise of online shopping platforms has significantly expanded the available options for size XS (extra small) menswear. At VOCLA, we offer size XS clothing, XS underwear and XS swimwear options from our niche designer brands. We have XS-sized menswear by SUKREW, Barcode Berlin, aussieBum, Teamm8, 2eros, TOF Paris, and Andrew Christian. We are applying pressure on others to incorporate XS into their menswear. You can also get inspiration from our menswear for a petite body shape.

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