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XL (extra large) menswear encapsulates a range of clothing designed to fit and flatter the larger, taller man. But ensuring that style and comfort are not compromised by size. This sizing has evolved significantly, recognizing the demand for diverse sizes that cater to a broader audience while maintaining a keen eye on trends, quality, and fit. The industry’s approach to XL menswear is not merely about scaling up smaller sizes. It’s about understanding the nuances of larger body shapes and creating garments that offer style and comfort.

Designers and brands specializing in XL menswear provide multiple options, designed with the larger physique in mind. The key lies with the cut, and the choice of fabric, which can significantly affect the fit and feel. Moreover, advancements in textile technology have introduced more breathable, stretchable fabrics that enhance comfort without sacrificing style.

At VOCLA, we offer size XL clothing, XL underwear and XL swimwear options from all our niche designer menswear brands. But as the cut and style are also important, we also have loose-fit clothing, oversized product fits, and menswear for men with a bigger body build. The bikini and tanga underwear and swimwear silhouettes are good for larger builds. These have thinner waistbands, that don’t pull as much at the waistline. But also high-cut legs or no side material, suitable for those with larger quads or thighs.

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