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The world of size small menswear is expansive and diverse. At VOCLA, we offer size small clothing, small underwear and small swimwear options from our niche designer brands. We have small-sized menswear available from all our brands. Small is one of the most popular sizes.

One of the key considerations in size small menswear is the fit. It’s not just about sizing. It’s about understanding the nuances of different body shapes and creating menswear that fits well, looks good, and feels comfortable. This includes paying attention to details such as tailoring, cuts, shoulder width, sleeve lengths, underwear rise, and other features.

Don’t forget to check the sizing guide for each product. A size small in one brand may fit differently to a small in another. Look for brands that offer detailed sizing charts that include chest, waist, and sleeve measurements. As an example, European labels tend to be a smaller and tighter cut compared to the larger American ones.

You can also get inspiration from our menswear for a small body shape.

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