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Navigating the world of 3XL menswear presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for the stylish and discerning shopper. The fashion industry has, over recent years, become more inclusive, offering a broader range of sizes to cater to larger body shapes. For those wearing size 3XL, this inclusivity means more options than ever, enabling individuals to express their style without compromise.

The key to mastering size 3XL menswear is understanding fit and proportion. Clothes that fit well can enhance one’s appearance, boosting confidence and comfort. It’s important to look for brands that offer ‘true to size’ XXXL menswear. Additionally, many brands now offer tailored or custom-fit options, allowing for adjustments in sleeve length, torso length, and overall fit. This can make a standard off-the-shelf garment feel custom-made.

Moreover, the rise of online shopping platforms has significantly expanded the available options for size 3XL menswear. At VOCLA, we offer size 3XL clothing, 3XL underwear and 3XL swimwear options from our niche designer brands. We are applying pressure on other brands to incorporate 3XL into their menswear. You can also get inspiration from our menswear with oversized fit and menswear for a large body shape. The bikini and tanga underwear and swimwear silhouettes are good for larger builds. These have thinner waistbands, that don’t pull as much at the waistline. But also high-cut legs or no side material, suitable for those with larger quads or thighs.

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