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Shop our range of male thongs from our men’s niche designer brands. These thongs offer a mixture of seasonal prints and patterns, along with standard block colours. They may be male styles, but they are not always that masculine.

Men’s thongs have grown hugely in popularity in recent years. They are a sexy style that appears to be taking the place of jockstraps. And the thong has even transcended from being just an underwear style – you can now get men’s swimming thongs. If you are daring enough on the beach!

Male thongs have a backless design, but a triangular piece of material at the lower back, known as the ‘thong piece’. This is attached under the body to the pouch with a thin piece of material. The styling at the front can differ. Some thongs offer a full cover like a brief. Other thongs offer just a pouch cover, like a jockstrap.

Male thongs are similar to strings, but where a thong may have a waistband, a string won’t. And where a men’s thong usually has a thin piece of soft material running between the thong piece and pouch, a male string just has…well… a piece of string.

VOCLA has a great range of men’s thongs to buy.

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