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VOCLA has a superb range of men’s Tangas: underwear and swimwear briefs from our niche designer brands. These trendy Tanga designs offer a mixture of seasonal prints and patterns, along with standard block colours.

Men’s Tangas are a silhouette of a swimming or underwear brief. The ‘Tanga’ cut has a full front and rear cover. But it has no side material. The lack of side material allows maximum leg movement. And sun-tanning opportunity. But it’s a great choice for those with larger thighs or quads. Or if you just want to show off your legs! The lack of side material also reduces the chance of uncomfortable chafing.

Tanga underwear and swimwear styles usually have a low-rise to a super-low-rise waist. A men’s swimming tanga can include features such as internal or external drawstrings, and pouch linings in the swimwear.

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