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Jock Thongs

Men’s jock thongs are a relative newcomer to the underwear market. They are a hybrid underwear style, a combination of both a men’s jockstrap and a thong. Sometimes, the male jock thong is referred to as a v-thong, or air thong underwear.

Men’s Jock thongs have either fabric or elasticated jock straps. They have a full pouch cover, and this coverage could be just the pouch or the full front. But they specifically have a thong piece to the rear.

The benefits of this male jock thong underwear style are air circulation and breathability, helping to keep you cool and dry. Therefore, they are a good option in warmer weather. But there is no denying that jock thongs are also a sexy look, given that they combine two of the hottest and trendy underwear styles.

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