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Brazil Trunks

Shop our range of trendy men’s Brazil trunks from our niche designer brands. These male swimming trunks offer a mixture of seasonal prints and patterns, along with standard block colours.

Men’s Bazil trunks are a silhouette of a standard trunk or boxer. But a Brazil trunk is the swimwear version of an underwear hipster. It’s a form of men’s mini swimwear because a Brazilian trunk has super-short cut legs. There is a minimal inseam. Therefore, a square cut shape. Almost like a hot pant! Male Brazilian trunks are fitted in nature, moulding around your body and therefore great for swimming. Additionally, Brazil trunks have a super-low-rise to low-rise waist, sometimes not including a waistband. Men’s Brazil cut swimming trunks are therefore a great option for men who like a trunk or boxer style but need more freedom of leg movement.

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