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TOF Paris Stars Collection

TOF Paris Stars is a collection of shiny disco ball-inspired glitter clothing. Throw in retro-styling and disco vibes and you get something truly unique! And very shiny! The clothing is a stretch polyester fabric with lots of gold or silver rectangles designed to reflect the lights like stars and glitter. Just like a disco ball!

This TOF Paris collection includes a line of gold or silver shiny metallic underwear. This has push-up technology, a form of frontal pouch enhancement. Therefore, it gently lifts you upwards and outwards, providing lift, support and definition.

The TOF Paris Stars clothing collection includes pants, t-shirts, vests, a chest harness and more men’s partywear styles. Pair the clothing together for a full stars and glitter vibe, or with black or white matching items to tone the glitter effect. Either way, you’ll be sparkly in the lights.

Pair the different TOF Paris Stars and glitter menswear to create a shiny gold or silver outfit with full Disco vibes! You’re sure to get noticed in these disco ball clothing styles!

TOF Paris menswear is made at their own design house in Paris ensuring optimal tailoring and quality. We source directly to therefore guarantee authenticity for you.

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