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Summer Trends Edit

VOCLA’s range of Summer menswear for 2024 includes a range of specially selected men’s Summer clothing: shorts, vests, pants, and tops that are suitable for the Summer season. These Summer clothing styles are on-trend for Summer 2024, designed by top designer brands. The clothing is usually made with materials such as mesh. Therefore, they are ventilating and cooling in the warmer Summer weather. We’ve got some relaxed clothing styles. But we’ve also got some Summer menswear with a smarter vibe, suitable for a night out.

In trend this 2024 summer season, we see styles in knitted mesh from brands like Barcode Berlin and Modus Vivendi. But bright colours are definitely in vogue this season with CODE 22 leading the way in bright and bold colours. And there’s a lot of neons and prints. Bold prints such as camouflage, stripes, geometrics, and animal prints. Both men’s super short-leg shorts and sleeveless menswear remain a popular choice.

Some of these men’s Summer clothing 2024 trends form part of a larger designer swimwear or clothing collection. So if you’re looking for a lighter beachwear outfit, pair them with men’s swimwear. We also have collections of men’s beachwear and men’s holiday clothes if you want something for your Summer 2023 holiday.

Take a look at the VA STYLE e-magazine article to see the latest trends: Men’s Summer Fashion Trends

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