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Rounderbum Workout Collection

The Rounderbum Workout collection offers a range of innovative performance sports underwear. These Rounderbum branded styles are specifically engineered for sports activities that require mobility. The Workout collection offers a combination of compression, support and a fitted appearance. Not only will you look your best, but you will visualize the results faster!

The Rounderbum Workout collection includes styles with a range of other Rounderbum technologies included:

  • Package Tech – a form of padded underwear with padding in the front pouch
  • Padded Tech – a form of bum enhancing and reshaping underwear with pads in the rear seams
  • Lift Tech – a form of butt-lifting underwear with hidden rear elasticate straps that lift your buttocks!

The Workout breathable fabrics wick away moisture as you train. Therefore, keeping you cool and dry for longer.

Ultimately, the Rounderbum Workout collection offers a mix of athletic fabrics combined with compression and technology. It’s a winner as you work out!

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