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Rounderbum Padded Tech Underwear Collection

Rounderbum Padded Tech ® is a form of bum-enhancing and reshaping underwear. It includes two removable butt pads inserted into the rear of the underwear. This Padded Tech is soft for additional comfort. They are used to provide more definition and therefore gluteal volume. The Rounderbum pads re-shape your bum so you can get that perfect bubble butt look.

Rounderbum Padded Tech is available in a range of styles, but primarily briefs, trunks, and boxers. The design is available in everyday cotton basics but also in limited edition collections. This form of padded bum enhancement works particularly well underneath your jeans. Just watch everyone look as you walk by!

Whilst the Padded Tech collection provides shaping and enhancement of your bum using padding, Rounderbum also has another form of bum enhancement underwear with the Rounderbum Lift Tech range. This provides butt lifting using straps, rather than padded shaping underwear technology.

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