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Rounderbum Anatomic Tech Underwear Collection

The Rounderbum Anatomic Tech underwear collection includes a patented design which is anatomically correct, so your crown jewels can hang comfortably. The V-shaped front creates a free-fall pouch design. It allows you to hang free. Therefore, it’s an anatomically correct pouch. It feels so natural that you will feel like you aren’t wearing any underwear. This reduces sticking and squashing in the pouch area, for superior comfort.

In addition, the Rounderbum Anatomic line has seams at the front and back, designed to contour your shape. The rear seams, including a central vertical seam, contour your buttocks.

So that’s an anatomic pouch combined with contouring, to give you premium comfort and a re-shaping underwear garment.

Rounderbum is an expert in men’s shapewear. Rounderbum offers a range of other shaping underwear collections, such as Rounderbum package, padded and workout.

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