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Modus Vivendi Vinyl Latex Collection

This Modus Vivendi Vinyl underwear and clothing collection is super sexy and unique. This Modus Vivendi collection shows a lavish PVC effect, made with a polyurethane material. Therefore, it is a high shine and glossy design. It has all the sex appeal of PVC latex but without the price tag. It is the perfect treat to add some kink to your wardrobe. The Modus Vivendi Vinyl collection is one of the most popular on VOCLA, both clothing and underwear, and it’s not difficult to see why.

The Vinyl clothing edit is also available in a range of colours. So you can have anything from a traditional fetish black Vinyl to a sporty blue, subtle grey, or vibrant pink. The Vinyl collection also comes in many styles: jockstraps, briefs, shorts, vests, and shirts. Therefore, you can create a full PVC latex look outfit. It is a cool option for a night out.

We also hold the Modus Vivendi Latex collection, a softer latex look, available in black.

Modus Vivendi garments are all designed and hand-made in Greece at their own fashion house, ensuring the highest quality tailoring.

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