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Modus Vivendi Meander Collection

The Modus Vivendi Meander underwear collection is inspired by the island of Santorini, known for its beauty and elegance. The styles are a mixture of bright, vibrant colours. The colours mimic gems, just like the Atlantis mythical treasures, rumoured to be in Santorini. The Meander line has a ‘Meander’ print on the waistband, also known as the ‘Greek Key’. This is printed in a glam silver or gold foil. The continuous pattern of the Meander print represents both eternity and unity.

The men’s swimwear line, known as Modus Vivendi Glam Meander, is everything you would expect from a designer brand like Modus Vivendi. The collection has both a luxurious and elegant feel with a thick-lined fabric, contoured pouch and internal drawstrings. Tailored in-house at Modus Vivendi, to guarantee the best quality. Lastly, all the swimwear features a metal Modus Vivendi charm, continuing the lavish theme.

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