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Modus Vivendi Double Boost Collection

The Modus Vivendi Double Boost underwear line is all about originality. With the thought of gatherings in groups and spreading the original message of unity, inclusion, love, acceptance, and forgiveness. Double Boost stands for uplifting others and ourselves through good or difficult times. Give yourself a boost!

The Modus Vivendi Double Boost line features a push-up system with external straps attached at the waistband using silver studs. Therefore, these straps act as a cradle, holding the package upwards and supporting underneath. This innovative design lifts and accentuates your front and back, as a result giving you a boost in all the right places! The collection consists of boxers, briefs, and jockstraps, in a wide range of colours.

The Modus Vivendi Back T underwear collection combines vibrant colours with an innovative bum-boosting technique. The Back T underwear has a T shaped white trim to the back. Therefore, a vertical seam that runs between the back buttocks. This seam accentuates the butt. Furthermore, some of the styles also have trims to the pouch. So Modus Vivendi give you both front and back re-shaping in one underwear style!

The Modus Vivendi Back T underwear collection is available in vibrant colours to brighten your day: red, blue, yellow and purple. If that’s not enough, you even get some sparkle with an embossed glittery Modus Vivendi logo. The Back T underwear is made with soft stretch cotton. The cotton is soft, for all-day comfort. The elastane provides stretch, so it can mould perfectly to your body. The Back T collection is made in Greece, at the Modus Vivendi design house, to guarantee great quality and tailoring.

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