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Modus Vivendi Camouflage Collection

The MODUS VIVENDI men’s camouflage clothing collection elevates the camouflage trend further by offering unique camouflage prints on underwear and swimwear. This offers a fresh approach to the military style.

Modus Vivendi offers two fresh approaches to the camouflage print. One Modus Vivendi collection in a bolder darker or lighter pastel colour. This creates a contrast to the camouflage print. This Modus Vivendi line is available in a range of camouflage underwear, swimwear and clothing styles. The other Modus Vivendi camo collection is available in a range of coloured swimwear. These camouflage swimwear styles are made with 100% recycled yarns. Therefore, eco-friendly fabrics. Another way that Modus Vivendi leads the way in innovation.

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