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Eco-Friendly Edit

This eco-friendly, sustainable, and recycled menswear edit includes the following:

– styles made with recycled yarns;

– menswear made using processes that require less water & chemicals;

– men’s clothes made with organic, or natural plant-based fabrics;

– menswear made with other recycled materials (we’ve even got underwear made from recycled plastic bottles!)

Men’s eco-friendly and sustainable styles are becoming popular as more people are aware and conscious of global warming. Also, people choose eco-friendly menswear for the impact that none sustainable clothing has on the planet.

Those fast fashion clothing styles on the high street are not eco-friendly. They usually make clothes with man-made materials rather than organic fabrics. Nor is it recycled menswear. But if cotton, they can use processes that use huge volumes of water and discharge the chemicals and production waste back into the local waterways.

You can look good while doing good and feeling great with these sustainable menswear options!

We have a range of men’s eco-friendly clothing, recycled swimwear, and sustainable underwear, sourced from responsible niche brands around the globe. Several of these eco-friendly men’s clothing options also have compostable product packaging.

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