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Breedwell Akira Collection

The Breedwell Akira collection combines a lightweight jersey fabric, with a unique print, neon glowing colours and sheer mesh panels. The print is futuristic and striped, and the neon details on the print will glow brightly under UV fluorescent lighting. The sheer mesh panels are semi-transparent, which adds a touch of teasing seduction. Furthermore, the neon colours will glow brightly under UV lights so you will stand out on the dancefloor as the disco lights come on.

The Breedwell Akira collection includes a brief, jock strap, body harness and socks. Therefore, you can pair up different items, to create a full glowing partywear outfit.

VOCLA is an authorised UK retailer of Breedwell, sourcing these Akira styles directly from Breedwell to guarantee authenticity. In addition, there are no customs or import taxes for UK customers, and free UK delivery.

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