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aussieBum Enlarge Collection

The aussieBum UK Enlarge underwear collection features push-up pouch technology, a form of pouch enhancement. Enlarge tech includes a hidden comfy cup. This gently lifts you upwards and outwards. Therefore, away from the body. Therefore, there is less sticking, chafing, and sweating compared to other underwear. The inner cup lifts and supports you, whilst providing definition. Furthermore, the Enlarge underwear styles have a vertical contoured pouch seam, providing additional support and definition.

The aussieBum men’s Enlarge underwear collection is available at VOCLA in a range of styles: briefs, hipster trunks, and jockstraps. As well as solid colours and prints.

VOCLA is the authorised UK retailer of aussieBum, with the largest collection of aussieBum Enlarge, sourcing directly from the brand to guarantee authenticity. In addition, there are no customs or import taxes on aussieBum for UK customers, and free UK delivery.

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