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Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Collection

The Andrew Christian Trophy Boy underwear collection is for the well-endowed guys who need that extra pouch space! Those Trophy Boys usually slip into a pair of underwear briefs and find that their larger-than-average package is uncomfortably or even painfully squashed in. Therefore, a generally sticky, squashed, and sweaty experience nobody wants.

But do not worry guys, because Andrew Christian has heard your cries for help and come to save the day! The Andrew Christian Trophy Boy styles take the Almost Naked pouch technology and give you a larger hang-free, anatomically correct pouch with much more space. Therefore, this front pocket provides extra room at the front and prevents squashing, sticking, re-adjusting, and chafing. This is an altogether much more comfortable experience. And that’s not all because the pouch will also provide some frontal boost to show off that special Trophy.

Andrew Christian has also thought about massaging your ego a little. The Trophy Boy underwear collection has its own branded waistband design. Therefore, you trophy boys can even advertise your assets!

VOCLA holds the UK’s largest collection of Andrew Christian Trophy Boy underwear.

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