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Buttoned Side

Menswear with buttoned sides represents a unique and versatile approach to traditional attire. It blends functionality with a touch of sartorial elegance. This distinctive feature, not only adds an element of aesthetic appeal but also offers practical advantages. For instance, buttoned sides on trousers allow for an adjustable fit. This accommodates fluctuations in waist size without compromising on style.

Incorporating buttoned-side garments into one’s wardrobe can elevate everyday attire with a nod to bespoke tailoring traditions. For a casual yet refined look, pair buttoned side trousers with a crisp, well-fitted shirt, highlighting the garment’s unique feature while maintaining an air of effortless sophistication. On cooler days, a coat with buttoned sides can be layered over a turtleneck, offering both warmth and a point of interest to the ensemble. The key is to let these distinctive details stand out, using them to add depth and character to basic pieces.

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