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Anatomical/Natural Pouch

Men’s natural pouch underwear is sometimes known as anatomically correct or hang-free underwear. These men’s underwear styles have longer pouches or cups which let you naturally hang free. Hence, ‘anatomically correct’ underwear. Therefore, you get extra comfort and space, for a more natural feel. Men’s natural pouch underwear is the opposite of lifting and supportive underwear.

The Andrew Christian Almost Naked collection is the best example of natural pouch underwear. The underwear has an elongated pouch. This longer pocket gives you extra space and comfort. The larger pouch creates a super-soft snuggle pocket that allows you to hang free. So, it’s an anatomically correct pouch. Therefore, this helps to reduce squashing, sticking, sweating, and chafing to give a more comfortable and natural wearing experience. Additionally, it feels like you are not wearing any underwear, that you are ‘Almost Naked’.

But SUKREW also offers a similar longer and moulded natural pouch that allows you to naturally hang free.

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