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Tartan & Plaid

Tartan and plaid prints have long been a staple in menswear, offering a blend of tradition, style, and versatility. Originating from the Scottish Highlands, tartan once signified clan identity. Each pattern represented a different family. Over time, tartan evolved beyond its Celtic roots to become a global symbol of fashion and rebellion.

Plaid, often used interchangeably with tartan in the United States, technically refers to any crisscross patterns of multiple colours. Today, tartan and plaid are celebrated elements in men’s fashion.

The appeal of tartan and plaid in menswear lies in their unique ability to balance boldness with sophistication. Whether it’s a classic red and black buffalo check, a subtle grey Glen, or a vibrant array of colours. These patterns can make a statement without sacrificing elegance. Designers often play with scale, colour, and context to fit contemporary tastes.

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