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Herringbone & Zig Zag

Herringbone and zig-zag prints have been integral to menswear. They offer an enduring appeal that transcends seasons and trends. Herringbone, with its distinct V-shaped weaving pattern, resembles the skeleton of a herringfish. This classic pattern has a rich heritage in menswear. Its subtle, textured appearance lends a touch of sophistication and depth to the fabric.

On the other hand, the zig-zag print offers a more dynamic and bold aesthetic. This pattern, characterized by its sharp angles, injects a playful and modern vibe into any outfit. Zig-zag prints provide a striking contrast to the more understated herringbone. The versatility of the zig-zag print allows it to be executed in a range of colours and scales, making it adaptable to various styles.

Incorporating herringbone and zig-zag prints into menswear can elevate a wardrobe. Because they are a blend of tradition and contemporary flair. But it’s important to balance them within an outfit to avoid visual clutter. Herringbone pieces work well as the foundation of a look, offering texture and depth. While zig zag prints can serve as a statement piece, adding a burst of energy and personality to a neutral ensemble. These patterns allow men to express their style, either timeless elegance or a bold, fashion-forward statement.

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