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Over the last decade, there has been an explosion of changes in male underwear. There is an amazing choice of underwear for guys.  It’s not just a choice of different colours and designs. There are new underwear technologies that can provide a more comfortable wearing experience or change the appearance of your front or back profile. There are also revolutionary fabrics that are softer or help to keep you dryer. And new styles to provide extra room at the front, pouches, padding, lower or higher waistbands, different lengths, tighter or looser fits. But where do you start? Well according to the online men’s underwear store at VOCLA, there are some basic underwear do’s and don’ts which should be understood first…


Do…replace old underwear

When your underwear starts to get holes, has a little rip or the fabric begins to buckle it really is time for a change. So have them replaced. Replacing underwear should not be a once-a-year event and nor should it be left for Santa to decide. Underwear stores have special offers and a variety of new styles all year round so take advantage.

Do…have a range of underwear suitable for a variety of occasions

The underwear you wear on a night out is not the same underwear that you should be wearing to the gym. Underwear fabrics and styles are suitable for different occasions:

  • A jockstrap is more suitable for sporting activity because it allows for more leg movement and for air to circulate. Fabrics such as mesh are faster drying and lighter.
  • Briefs and boxer underwear are ideal for everyday use.
  • Your best designer brand with a funky waistband is probably your best option for a night out.
  • Boxer shorts and long johns are great for lounging about at home or in bed.

Do…try out some technology

Men’s underwear has come a long way in the last decade with technology being introduced for every aspect, from enhancing your front, to lifting your butt, to slimming the appearance of your waistline. The Andrew Christian brand has a wide variety of underwear technology and it’s not just about being vain, lots of this tech creates a more comfortable wearing experience. For example, their show-it collection not only enhances your front package but it lifts it up and away from the body, which provides support and reduces sweating, sticking and chafing.

Do…regularly wash your underwear

Please guys…come on…underwear is there to catch faecal matter and stop it from getting onto your other clothes. If you’re not going to wash it regularly, then what’s the point? You’re only asking for a host of problems: fungus, bacteria build-up, rashes, jock itch, bad smells to name but a few….yuck!

Do…try out different brands

The everyday brands you find in the corner of a department store are not always the best ones in terms of quality and fit. There is a huge variety of underwear brands out there, all different. It’s not just the size of the waist that determines whether the underwear will be comfortable, but the cut of the underwear, the length, the quality of the fabric, the type of elastic in the waistband, the shape of the leg openings and more. Try a few different brands to find the ones that work best. No guide on underwear do’s and don’ts would be complete without recognising some of the smaller niche designer underwear brands.

Do…try out different materials

There have been a number of advancements in materials over the last decade. Andrew Christian uses bamboo fibre in some collections, providing a smoother material than cotton. Modal fabric underwear has a silky, super-soft, luxurious feel and it absorbs moisture better than cotton, keeping you dryer. Different fabrics are suitable for different occasions – sheer mesh underwear is transparent and sexy, modal underwear is good for everyday use and the gym, and men’s cotton underwear is a good affordable everyday fabric. If you need to iron underwear, then you need to worry about the quality of the fabric. Decent quality cotton should not need to be ironed.

Do…experiment with different styles

So there are boxers, briefs and jocks but there are also short-let and long-leg underwear, low-rise, hip-rise, and super-low-rise underwear, pouch underwear, etc. How do you decide? Well, try a bit of everything and see what you prefer. Low-rise waistbands are very much in fashion, giving a modern cut and comfort. But if you want the waistband to show over your jeans, then hip-rise is for you. Short legs allow for greater movement which is ideal if you have an active lifestyle or physical job. But long legs will keep you warm in a colder climate. A boxer brief is a good place to start as it tends to offer the best of everything – a snug style, longer than a brief, low and hip rise waists.


Don’t…wear the wrong size

The wrong size of underwear can look bad and be quite a painful experience. Brands have slightly different sizing, so take a look at the measurements. If you are borderline two sizes, then go lower if you prefer a more fitted look and feel, and go higher if you want a more relaxed feel. But try not to kid yourself….be realistic with the size. If you get underwear that is too small, you will be squashed and pulled in all the wrong places. Try to get underwear that has some stretch such as fabrics that contain some spandex. If you’re a well-hung guy, then try out some of the Andrew Christian Trophy Boy collection which provides extra room at the front.

Don’t…go commando

We have already mentioned that washing underwear regularly is a must. And for exactly the same reasons, going commando is a definite ‘no’ – where is all that faecal matter, germs and bacteria going to go?  – yes, on your favourite jeans and down your legs!

Don’t…wear baggy underwear underneath tight trousers

Skinny jeans and pants may be in fashion but they are not going to look good if there is a baggy clump underneath. Fitted underwear should be worn with fitted clothing – the less fabric, the better.


And just remember….there is no such thing as ‘lucky pants’ but bad fitting, ugly pants are never going to be lucky for you!


VOCLA is an online retailer of international designer mens underwear, sourcing famous and niche designer brands from around the globe, with regular new releases. VOCLA has over 1200 styles of men’s underwear, including briefs, boxers and jocks in a wide variety of colours and a range of technologies, materials and features.