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Rayon/Viscose (Plant-Based)

Rayon, viscose, and regenerated cellulose are all semi-synthetic, plant-based menswear materials. Viscose is one of the oldest manufactured fibres, originally known as artificial silk.

Rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric type as it is man-made but has plant-derived ingredients. Therefore, it is neither natural (like cotton) nor synthetic (like nylon or polyester). The raw material is plant cellulose. This is chemically processed to create a silky textile. This transformation results in a fabric that mimics the feel of natural fibres like cotton, silk, and wool but also boasts unique characteristics that make it particularly appealing for menswear.

One of the primary advantages of plant based material in menswear is its exceptional ability to drape elegantly. Moreover, its breathability and moisture-absorbing properties make it an excellent choice for warm-weather attire, ensuring comfort without compromising style.

Rayon or viscose menswear has many benefits:

Excellent colour retention.
Soft & Silky.

However, if washed incorrectly, viscose can shrink. It can also crease your menswear easily.

Furthermore, consumers often believe that it is fully eco-friendly, as a plant-based material. But the manufacturing process involves chemical treatment to make the material stand up to regular usage and washing. Although, compared to synthetic fibre, it is more environmentally friendly.

VOCLA offers bamboo rayon underwear and modal rayon underwear. Both these are viscose textiles. Some modal is processed without chemical treatment, and therefore more environmentally friendly. The Lyocell process uses N-Methlymorpholine N-oxide as the solvent. This method produces little waste product, making it far more eco-friendly.

Overall viscose is a plant-based textile, though it is generally not as eco as expected. But there are advancements in technology that are improving this. The rayon textile offers a range of benefits at a cheaper cost than many other materials.

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